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The original new musical, Rhymes-n-Reasons, centers upon Lance, who’s forced to let go of the woman he loves and their American dream. He chooses to fight back but to no avail, compelling him to realize, fighting back is not  the way to prevail.

Rhymes-n-Reason’s libretto is written by Elisa Cornish and passionately ignited by poetry, spoken word, jazz, R&B, blues, and gospel music composed by Paul Freeman, Shaheed Abdul-Azeez, Darin Johnson, and Timothy Thompson. 



I like this work a lot. It has a most unusual vibe – like nothing I’ve ever seen on the stage

I really like the sad, sad, sad love story. The grieving was visceral. The music…so moody. Most of the time I felt like I was in a club…one of those really great clubs where you just want to relax and drink and listen to the music all night.

I wouldn’t know how to begin staging something like this, but it appealed to me as a director. I’d want the staging to be as lyrical as the music and lyrics – almost mystical.

Good work!

Patrick Cuccaro – Working Title Playwrights Board of Directors