Elisa Cornish is a true creative force in Atlanta, GA. With a diverse background in broadcast media, film and video production, website design, and special events consulting, Elisa has amassed a wealth of experience that has inspired her to explore writing for the theatre. She has written the librettos for Rhymes-n-Reasons, Preciosa, and Blue Butterfly.

Elisa’s storytelling is infused with cultural diversity, a touch of mysticism, and a deep understanding of the human experience. Her work has earned her a place among the members of the prestigious Dramatists Guild, and Tertulia, a group of three black playwrights engaged in an innovative collaboration with the Alliance Theatre fostered by the Dramatists Guild.

Elisa’s ability to create compelling characters and moving narratives has made her a rising star in the Atlanta theater scene. Her passion for storytelling and commitment to excellence has poised her to become one of the most exciting voices in contemporary theater.